Saturday, February 10, 2007

Exciting news, cats, and birthdays

Today is my birthday. I wasn't looking forward to it, simply another milestone in time's inexorable march. In fact, the last week has been a very good one for the whole family.

In a post on Tuesday I mentioned that wife Denise had had some exciting news.

I can now tell you that Senator Eric Abetz, the Commonwealth Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation, has announced Denise's appointment to the Board of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is the statutory authority responsible for the efficient management and sustainable use of Commonwealth fish resources on behalf of the Australian community.

AFMA manages fisheries within the 200 nautical mile Australian Fishing Zone (AFZ), on the high seas, and, in some cases, by agreement with the States to the low water mark.

We were all so pleased for her.

As I write, the cats have again joined me. Little Random in particular likes to sit on my desk just in front of the computer screen. I push her aside, back she comes. She seems to feel that I cannot work without her personal support.

When I came out to the back office, really an extension of the kitchen, this morning I found papers all over the floor. I have said before that it is a small and crowded space that I struggle to keep tidy. This is not helped when the cats turf all my carefully sorted piles onto the floor, requiring me to tidy and sort yet again!

The day's busy round is just beginning. Clare has to be at tennis at 7.45, Helen has rehearsals all day for a production she and a friend are doing at Sydney University, while Denise is going in another direction to baby sit a niece and nephew. My role in all this is, always, logistics support aka driver.

In the midst of all this I want to try to catch up on my emails - I have got behind again - as well as my usual writing. And I really need to do some gardening. But that's a topic for another post. οΎ 

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Lexcen said...

Happy birthday Jim and congrat's to Denise.