Thursday, February 22, 2007

Geoff Robinson's South Coast blog

When I first started blogging I discovered Geoff Robinson's South Coast blog. I thought that it was great. Then over the Christmas period Geoff's posts dropped off.

I began to fear that the pressure of regular posts - all regular bloggers suffer from this pressure - meant the end of the blog. Now Geoff had redeemed himself with some great posts worthy of a much wider audience.

Geoff writes from what I, but not necessarily he, would call the old left position. His posts are thoughtful and researched. Just to mention a few of his posts.

On 12 February, Geoff alerted me to problems in the University of Phoenix, the mega size private university that has been seen by some as the exemplar of mass delivery.

A sense of history provides a useful perspective when thinking about international comparisons. Australia pioneered high quality distance university education starting at the University of New England. US universities were very slow to take the distance model up, opening the way for the rise of Phoenix.

Still on history, Geoff had a rather nice piece on 19 February entitled Wisdom from Keynes and Menzies. Geoff finished by quoting Lord Skidelsky's stinging attack on those, like me, who believe that we can learn from history. I feel another later post coming on!

On 20 February I referred to CDEP in my discussion on some of the issues arising from Government(s) policy towards our indigenous people. The day before in fact Geoff carried a short post noting that the Howard Government had flagged the end of CDEP, pointing to some other problems.

Geoff also pointed me to a research paper that I must read on discrimination against Aborigines in the job market.

I do commend Geoff's blog to you.

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