Sunday, January 15, 2017

Clare Belshaw 2016 reflections set against a backdrop of Copenhagen's beauty

Bumpy ride getting back into stride in the New Year. Youngest has been far more organised. While we were in Denmark she got out her new notebooks, she likes new stylish notebooks, and began her reviews and planning. Now she has produced the following YouTube video set against the backdrop of our trip to Copenhagen for Christmas with eldest.

Perhaps Clare should be employed by the Scandinavian tourist authorities. The video captures some of the beauty of both Copenhagen and Sweden's Gothenburg. Those ducks. Clare, a carnivore like her father, wondered about dinner!


Noric Dilanchian said...

Good video Clare, I've subscribed on YouTube. I found myself engaged by your reading tone, the quality of the mic you used pickuping up your intonation, the sympatico music mood and rhythm, and the clever edits and camera pans. Best wishes for 2017.

It's high praise that your video recalls the videos of Simon Cade, a YouTube start (over 451,000 subscribers) on skills for video and film making:

I've copied this comment also into YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Great vid Clare - nice 'pace' to your voiceover. But I see you also did a "SW Rouge One" review. I guess that's the one where they visit the red planet?


Jim Belshaw said...

Good morning both and happy new hear. I fear, kvd, that Clare suffers from my problems!