Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tim Blair on the summit

From time to time I read Tim Blair. I rarely agree with him, but I like an alternative view. I really roared with laughter at his coverage of the 2020 summit.


Lexcen said...

Following the news on the outcome of the summit, I am flabbergasted that all they could come up with is a push for a republic.
Even though I'm in favor of a republic (I know you disagree) I would have hoped for something more original,more outside the square so to speak in ideas.
I also am bewildered by the presence of actors at the summit. Was it an exercise in voyeurism (spot the famous face)or a genuine attempt at brainstorming?
We know of the old joke that no two economists will agree on policy, so what was expected of a group of 1000 people?
I guess that the summit proved one thing,that democracy on a large scale is unworkable and made it obvious why we have representational democracy.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Lexcen. Because facilitation is part of my professional armoury I knew the weaknesses of the process. But I still hoped for more.