Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Recent Belshaw blog posts as at 1 April 2008

This post records posts on my various blogs since March 25.

Before providing the list, I am slowly coming to view that I should trial Neil's Gateway approach. I am also thinking that I might combine it with a "sans words" approach, again pinching from Neil but with a dash of Gordon Smith.

I really don't want to create another blog. I really don't want to create another blog! But I can see some advantages if I keep it very sparse, limited and focused.

I have a number of blogs targeting different interests. I have a very limited number of readers interested in more than one.

My feeling is that posts such as this should really go on a central blog for those who are interested in the range of my writing. A blog that is nothing but a list of posts on other blogs can be very boring. So, for interest, I thought that I might follow each list with a few line photo essay.

If I limit it to two posts a week then those who have a broader interest can check it each week or so. Does this make sense?

Turning to my recent posts, it remains the case that if you look will see if you look see that some of the dates are much earlier. All posts have in fact been brought on-line since. I am continuing to catch up. The most recent post is first, working through to the oldest post.

Personal Reflections

New England Australia

Regional Living Australia

Managing the Professional Services Firm

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Anonymous said...

Must be something in the air, as you'll have seen. All my rearranging has effectively removed three blogs from my set! That is, Blogspot, Journalspace and OzPolitics. The first and third have been hoovered up and deposited into my main blog. I almost got rid of the Gateway, as you know, but decided it is useful after all. And Thomas complained. ;)