Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Like the rest of Australia, I am poised waiting for the country independents to come to a decision. Meantime, I am trying to catch up on my backlog work.

In comments on Tea parties, corruption and climate change, KVD and I have been chatting about various issues associated with climate change. In my last response, I mentioned that my studies of prehistory gave me a good base for a disaster scenario.

Actually, that might be rather fun. Something different at a time when,  as I said yesterday in Just a moan, I feel that the world is crowding in around me. What do you think? 


Anonymous said...

Hello Jim

Just watching Messrs Windsor and Oakeshott announcing their decisions, and I note that on the ABC, the following program is "Bert and Ernie's Big Adventure"

And I'd like to hear more of prehistoric disaster scenarios. They may become most applicable, very soon.


Jim Belshaw said...

Hi KVD. I, too, have been listening, including TW's apparent appeal for a new country party. You know where I come from. Win or lose, I think it's great because we have shaken the tyranny of the majority as expressed through the party machines.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jim, I can only think the major winner may be the non-metropolitan part of Australia - and that is a good thing. Also better governance, and more open committee system to review legislation.

I admire their courage, because I really did think they might be swayed by their conservative bases, and I am very pleased Ms J gets a proper shot at governing, albiet with (it seems) some fair degree of control exerted by these two. TW's reasons were basically my own wishes/wants/breakpoints so good on him I say.

And all this from a lifelong basically conservative voter! What is the world coming to?


Jim Belshaw said...

While I didn't know which way the independents would break, KVD, I was content to trust TW.