Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Blog performance, August 2010

Stats time again. The chart shows visits (yellow) and page views (yellow plus red) to this blog over the last month. After a decline over June and July, numbers in August were up again. stats aug 10 2Mind you, there were 31 days in August.

The ten most popular posts over the month were:
So, in all, a mixture of past posts and current events; the top two seem to remain relatively constant.


As part of my monthly review, I also looked as the stats for my other blogs. I was surprised  at the spike in traffic in August on New England Australia (Blog visits take off) and New England's History (Blog Performance August 2010).

In fact, in August on the New England Australia blog, the number of followers, visits and page views all passed this blog for the first time! While I am obviously pleased at the increases on the other blogs, I found myself with mixed feelings. My overall personal interests attracted less interest than my more specific interests!

I have felt for a little while that this blog is becoming a little stale. I need to do something about this.    


tikno said...

A little stale? Not really. I'm one of your regular readers and your blog listed on my google reader. :)

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Tikno. Blush. That pleases me!