Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Australian life - a B double vehicle

I don't feel like posting today. All seriousnessed out! Mind you, the reporting and issues on the carbon tax are raising the types of issues I addressed in Things to watch as the Australian carbon tax debate unfolds.

20110521-outback2011--mitchell--cattleTransports This photo  from Gordon Smith's current outback tour shows the driver of the cattle transport checking that cattle.

This vehicle is called a B-double and will soon give way to triple-trailer vehicles. These road trains as they are known are not allowed in more heavily settled areas. They are huge.


In a comment, Cousin James made a clarification. This led me to look up Wikipedia on road trains

The following shows vehicle sizes beginning with the B double. K is apparently a unique case, operating at The Granites Gold Mine in the western Northern Territory800px-Aust_config2


Anonymous said...

Hello James,

first time that I have checked in for awhile. You are correct that this is a B Double but it is not a Road Train and it is only restricted to where it can go by its size. If it can fit in your street, it is allowed to drive down it. B Triples are much less common and do have certain restrictions. I have so far never actually seen one, only two driving through Wagga Wagga without the third trailer.

A B Double has an A and B trailer with the A trailer smaller that the full size B trailer as can be seen in the photo. A B Triple has 2 A trailers and one B trailer.


Road Trains are a different kettle of fish altogether and are virtually restricted to the Western Division, however, I am willing to stand corrected on that one

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, James.