Sunday, July 03, 2011

Gordon Smith's 2011 outback adventure begins

In my last post Saturday morning musings - the outback  I talked a little about the changing meaning of the outback in Australia.

From time to time I have mentioned Gordon Smith as one of my favourite photo bloggers and have often used his pictures to illustrate stories. Gordon is a little unusual because his photos focus on inland Australia and especially the New England Tablelands.

Every so often Gordon goes bush, heading off into the west from Armidale to see what he can find and photograph. His latest series Outback 2011 has just begun. This photo is captioned "As we head further west, the road turns from bitumen to dirt. Here, we’re between Collarenebri and Angledool."

You don't have to be Australian or know Australia to enjoy Gordon's photos. All you have to do is to follow along. While I have given the overall tag above, it may be best as more photos go up to start from the first photo and then follow along. That's sure some big old tree!

I hope that you enjoy Gordon's photos as much as I do.      

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