Monday, July 04, 2011

Blog performance June 2011

The chart shows visits (yellow) and page views (yellow plus red) to this blog to end June. You can see how page views in June were just down, visits more so.

The most popular posts in July were:
I do wonder with visitors to multiple barrel posts whether I would be better off from a later visitor perspective doing several shorter posts. I suspect that I am making things difficult for those coming via search engines. Still, I don't intend to change!


Neil said...

Hey, the Sitemeter there is for June not July -- a 30 day month, so on daily averages you'd not be slightly down, maybe even slightly up!

You know how I study these things. ;)

Jim Belshaw said...

Neil, really much appreciated. It was actually a small screen problem. Corrected to June!

On days, maybe a little better.

By the way, referred to you in the Express column just sent to Armidale. Nothing bad, I hasten to add.