Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another Party!

Back in November I wrote a post while Clare was having a party to celebrate the end of the HSC.

Now there is another party, this time Helen and Clare combined. Again I cannot concentrate with the speaker just behind my chair blaring out music. So in retaliation I have been touring facebook looking for photos.

This is in fact a very productive operation because people keep on loading new ones, and I do not have a camera! So I thought that I would share a few with you.

Clare's eighteenth. Here's a photo of this part of the family - Helen, Denise, me, Clare. The tux actually belonged to my Dad. He bought it in Bangkok while working with UN.

Then we have this one of Helen. This is one of a series of black and white ones taken at Toppers.

Clare should not be spared.

This one is of Clare with her partner Couts at the year 12 formal. Many of Clare's friends are seriously bright. The average HSC mark of the boys tonight was over 99. One was first in the state in maths, 4th in geography. They are clearly holding up the male side in the competition with the female species.

I wonder why Clare is chasing a boy round the yard attempting to kick him? Clearly a serious offence!

The last photo is Helen with Raj. Like Couts with Clare he is, I think, just a friend. But he is an awfully nice bloke.

I am going to have to go to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.

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