Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday Morning Musings - Statement of a Dream

I almost decided not to do my Saturday Morning Musings because I have just spent a fair bit of time on my end month blog review. But the Musings have become, at least for me, a little bit of a tradition. So here goes.

I am pleased to report that last night my Google adsence account clicked over $US100, this time on the web sites, not the blogs. So sometime in December I will get a payment of a little over $US100, making my second payment this year.

Now when I said this to Denise, she rudely remarked how much does that work out to an hour? Now that was cruel, because the answer is about 10 cents! But, hey, I'm an Australian exporter!

Seriously, though, over and beyond personal interest, there is a crass commercial interest to my internet activities.

I do not expect to become wealthy through the establishment of an internet empire. I have a much simpler aim. I wish to establish a longer term income stream that will give me interest, while also providing some basic cash.

The income will not come from adsense, although I hope that this will build to more than 10 cents per hour. If I wanted to get a big adsense income stream, I would have to adopt a different approach.

I don't want to do this. Instead, I hope to generate income from a range of activities including writing linked to the internet activities. I also want to have some fun. This may sound like a pipe dream. But assume, for a moment, that I did not have to worry about the daily cash flow - the tyranny of fees, of high Sydney rents etc.

Anybody who reads my blogs will know that I love Regional Australia. I love the variety and texture of life outside the metros. Now consider this.

If I wasn't worried about regular daily cash, I could travel to taste some of the things I write about. Then I could write more, not just for the blogs, but also for other media.

We can all dream. I have long had a very specific travel guide in mind, one that would need to be updated each year. One day I will get there.


Lexcen said...

May I suggest you click my ads and I'll click yours?

Jim Belshaw said...

That's a wicked thought, Lexcen. I fear it would breach the rules if I was to say yes!