Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Clare Belshaw's Blog

Graphic: Clare Belshaw

I suppose that it was inevitable, but my youngest daughter now has her own blog.

A blog is different from Facebook. A blog actually requires you to write!

So far Clare only has three posts up, but they are (I think!) good posts.

Do have a look. I hope that Clare will keep on writing because I think that she has something to say. There are actually very few bloggers of her age.


ninglun said...

Great stuff, Jim (and Clare). Not a lot wrong with Clare's literacy, Jim. :)

David said...

For a yungun' she is quite introspective. I think she will do well.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, chaps, for indulging a proud Dad!

Neil, that's true, but in this case it did not come from HSC English, but from her desire to write and love of the sound of words. Her grammar and spelling, still a bit wonnky, improved by leaps and bounds when she wrote her own 40,000 word novella in Year 10.

This is not a contribution to the literacy debate, by the way.

David, she is a bit introspective. She is also very strong willed. I suspect her greatest personal achievement at school was the way she turned a group of girls who did not quite fit in, who might otherwise have been misfits, into a cohesive and recognised group whose very existence was marked by the fact that they were different and accepted as different. They are a great lot.

Neil, a large slab of what we might call the affiliated boys come from SBHS. You would also be pleased, I think, that this is a remarkably multicultural group.

Enough boasting.

ninglun said...

As my old mate Bob Walshe used to say, and no doubt still does in his 80s, "You learn to write by writing"... Still the best way. And, yes, it's hard to be 2007 SBHS boys and not be somewhat multicultural; kind of went with the territory really.

Clare said...

thanks dad.
And thank you ninglun and david... of course you are free to leave comments on my blog. ;)