Monday, December 03, 2007

Kylie Chan's Dark Heavens series

While at schoolies Clare bought a batch of new books. Over recent years my daughters have introduced me to a whole series of new authors that I have very much enjoyed.

In this case, Clare insisted that I read Kylie Chan's Dark Heavens series. I read the first last week, then the next two over the weekend. Quite disruptive really since I was meant to be doing other things, but I could not put them down.

An Australia, Kylie Chan married a Hong Kong bloke, later living in Hong Kong for ten years. She returned to Australia a couple of years ago and decided to use her knowledge of Chinese culture, mythology and martial arts to weave a story that would appeal to a wider audience.

She has clearly succeeded. I won't give away the plot line because that would take some of the fun away from the story's evolution, but if you enjoy fantasy and immersion in different worlds you are likely to enjoy the series.

The only problem from my perspective is that there are apparently going to be three more books, but these will not come out for some time.


Clare, too, tells me that she is infuriated by the fact that there will be a delay before the next three come out. Poor Kylie, though. I see from her blog that she has had to take a full time job to get some immediate cash. It takes time, even with books as good as hers.


Anonymous said...

her web site posted on the 23th Feb that she has finished her work (at Suncorp) and lets hope that means books 4-6 will be on their way. It IS a long wait for for good stories< I am willing to wait.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks for this, Woosang. I will pass the info onto Clare. With any luck it won't be too long to at least the next!

Good luck with the exercise program. I will drop in from time to time to monitor progress!

Anonymous said...

its to be trilogy of trilogys lol, if that makes sense.

The second Trilogy "Journey to Wudang" (Tentative Title)

* Earth to Hell (Mid 2009) (projected)(Won't be titled "Black Turtle", book name not yet decided)(Tentative Title)
* Hell to Heaven (TBA)(Tentative Title)
* Heaven to Wudang (TBA)(Tentative Title)
[found on ]

Her forums are also found here:

Hope this helps. And I have to agree, it is frustrating having to wait for the next book but I like to think that its well worth the wait hahaha

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Jasmine. I look forward. I just took the first three with me on a trip as break reading!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! OF course we have to but I am sure it will all be worthwhile :)

Samantha Kroebel said...

I bought the book a few weeks ago but wanted to finish the other book that was on my list because I knew that I wouldn't be able to go back to the previous book. I started reading when I got home from school and I am LOVING it! Then I realised that it was a series, "YES!" I said in my head. And I am soooo glad that it is a series becuase there would be so many questions that have been unanswered. I just want to keep reading but I got assignments due soon... :(

Jim Belshaw said...

Glad you like it Samantha. The series has given me great pleasure!