Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Australian Bureau of Statistics - a real national resource

I am very hard pressed for time just at present, making it hard for me to write proper posts. Yes, I know that I have complained about this before, but it does not stop. Only the points of pressure change!

In this pressure time I thought that one thing that I might usefully do for you (and me) is simply to record some of the new publications from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The ABS really is one of our national resources. Yes, there are lies and damned statistics, but the ABS does provide a constant stream of valuable information. Too often, and this holds even for a stats nut like me, Australians pick all this up from the daily press. Yet the press covers only that which is topical, judged worthy as news, and this is only a small part of ABS output.

Given this, I thought some short reports on the latest ABS releases might be worthwhile. I can do this in limited time blocks, leaving it to you and also me to follow up later.

ABS Posts

The following lists some of my posts on ABS statistics for reference purposes:

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