Friday, August 01, 2008

Blog Performance June/July 2007

Visitor numbers on my various blogs to end July follow. I missed end June, so the aggregates include two months' traffic. The totals exclude my own visits.

From my viewpoint, the most significant thing is the decline in traffic since my posting became irregular. This holds for both searches and return visitors.

Looking at patterns, total visitor numbers averaged 3,962 per month over June and July as compared to 4,296 in May, 4, 536 in April, 4,294 in March, 3,710 in February, 3,656 in January, 2,844 in December, 3,612 in November.

Total page views in July were 9,185 (provisional) as compared to 10,635 June, 10,846 May, 11,058 in April, 10,969 in March, 9,456 in February, 9,485 in January, 7,447 in December, November 9,239.

Page views are not directly comparable to visitor numbers because they include my own visits, but again you can see the decline.

I then contrast this with Neil's performance. Sigh!

Seriously, after a period when visitor numbers expressed in monthly terms passed 6,000 for weeks at a stretch, the current decline needs to be addressed. Still, blogging continues to meet my needs.

The just completed conference presentation came from blogging; I now have one part completed book plus two longish papers derived from blogging material; and there is the continuing friendship. To my mind, the last is the most important.

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