Friday, August 08, 2008

Blogging meanderings

Not a long post today because of the things that I have to do. I also have a dreadful cold, something that is slowing me down and has kept me home.

I have taken the opportunity to do a little updating on this blog. Nothing profound: I have resisted the dreaded template instability that continues to affect Neil! From my viewpoint, the template that I am using is the best blogspot for my purposes.

I must say that I stand in awe of Neil's blogging longevity. A blogger who was in action at the Sydney Olympics is a very ancient blogger indeed. A Methuselah so to speak! This makes me very young, something that I value increasingly as time passes.

As part of the updating, I have added Thomas's latest holiday post. I have also put in some ABS links, updated the side bar and reintroduced site meter. I lost all my previous stats when I removed the site meter code, so I am starting again.

Looking at the first round of the new site meter stats, I find it sad to notice the searches on Australian racism. I saw this pattern before. Australia is not a racist society by global standards, yet we sometimes feel obliged to present as though we are.

Returning to updating, I do need to spend more time adding postscripts to previous posts pointing to later material. My views change, information changes, so I should point to this.

Turning now to a few of the more recent posts that I have added on my other blogs.

I talked about sapphires on Fossicking, New England sapphires and the love of discovery. The post contains links to a series of sapphire posts. I do love sapphires. They have a special place in my personal history.

Closure of the Inverell Supercoat Petcare facility - 168 jobs gone is just as the title says. Job losses through economic restructuring in specific regional centres is a major problem, but gets little coverage.

I finally finished the series of posts on the visit Dee and I made to Canberra. You will find the introductory post here.

Overcoming chaos in the home office describes a practical problem much on my mind at present. I will write more about this one.

Well, I need to do some other things.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Jim, but my Methusaleh impressions are there rather than where you linked. ;)