Friday, August 01, 2008

Helen returns

Photo: Helen, Vanessa and Elise relaxing at, I think, Versailles.

Well, Helen Maree is back from the European expedition and her dad is pleased.

We picked her up from the airport this morning.

The girls had a wonderful time, although they did try to pack to much in.

Upon return we gave her an Australian breakfast, she gave us presents (I scored a new tie (Milan) and shirt (Rome)), and then looked at some of the photos hooked up on the TV.

On a purely Australian issue, Helen took a tube of vegemite with her. Now she did use this herself, but she also tried it on various people along her trip, photos included. It appears that the great V remains an acquired taste!

For the benefit of international readers, you can find about vegemite here and here. It remains a uniuqely Australian (and Kiwi) taste.

Helen has now gone to bed for a nap. I have taken the day off, so can catch up on my blogging.


Thomas said...

I took a jar of Vegemite with me to the US and did the same thing - tested it out on the locals. Few could muster even a bite as the smell deterred them enough. Not one person enjoyed the experience. It certainly is an acquired taste.

Anonymous said...

I may have mentioned before that M (from Shanghai) quickly took to Vegemite, regarding it as a kind of solidified soy sauce...

Jim Belshaw said...

Welcome back, Thomas. I am glad that you recovered from that first night in Los Vegas!

Looking at a very funny video the girls took,part of the problem lies in the quantity people take!

Neil, I had forgotten the story re M.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right with the quantity. When a group asked me to prepare toast the way I would normally eat it, I covered it with a layer measurable by centimetres. It did not go down at all well. People who spread it thin managed to eat some of it.

That's for the welcome. If you think that that night in Vegas is a remarkable survival, wait until I get to New Orleans!