Thursday, August 21, 2008

Personal Training Metrics

I finished another workshop tonight, the last in the series. I am very tired, but feel that I can take a reasonable degree of pride in what I have done.

In the last ten weeks or so I have delivered 18 one day workshops in six locations across New South Wales attended by 270 people (around 154 individuals; some came to more than one workshop) from 32 organisations.

I had to write the original technical material from scratch, turn it into training material and then deliver it. 85% of attendees ranked the workshops as good to very good. Mind you, the proof here lies in the later capacity to deliver. On this point, so far so good.

I have learned a lot. I now have to turn this into train-the trainer material, another workbook, and then deliver a shorter train-the-trainer course next week. That brings my role to an end.

This may sound a bit like a boast, and in a sense it is, as well as an explanation for slow blogging sometimes. Still, I do feel a real sense of satisfaction.

Next week we are having a champagne afternoon tea to mark the success of the first stage of the project roll-out. This will also be my farewell. I am looking forward to it.

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