Monday, June 21, 2010

Why you must see Lou, the movie

I have referred to Lou, the new Australian film several times on the New England Australia blog. The trailer follows.

Lou is attracting some quite lyrical reviews:

“A small film with a lovely heart” – David Stratton, At The Movies

“A notable Australian film which deserves the right kind of gentle applause” – Jake Wilson, The Age

“Nothing short of magic” – Jo Chichester, Vogue

"I just saw it in canberra. The cinema was almost full. It is such a exquisite movie. Oh my, it made me all teary. Thank you, everyone, for creating such beauty. I wish reviewers would stop calling it a small/little movie. It looked as large on the screen as any other and dealt with as many emotional/human issues as any ...bloated 3d billion dollar movie and did it in a gentle pointed brilliant way! My fave movie yet of this year" - Canberra film goer

"Exquisite" - Chris Kennedy, Canberra Times

"The film is never trite, lurid or sensational. Chayko has an eye for the detail of the real world. Her film moved and delighted me." - Evan Williiams, The Australian.

is very hard for an Australian film to break through. So far, Lou has really attracted only art house releases. You can find details of screenings here.

Really, the only way for most Australian movies to break through is to go viral, to force cinemas to show them. Many fail, because they simply don't have the pulling power.

You should see Lou not because it's an Australian film, but because it's simply a bloody good movie. If your cinema is not showing it, why not ask them when they will?

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