Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sarah Thorneycroft on universities and innovation

I am just recording this one for later reference. Sarah Thorneycroft (@sthcrft) tweeted requesting comments on her draft thesis mini-proposal linked to a study of ways of improving innovation in higher education. Sarah is a lecturer in Academic Development in the University of New England's Teaching and Learning Centre. She has a particular interest in the application of new technology and is actively involved in UNE's moodle system. Her blog is Mind the Gap.

I have been following Sarah for a little while. However, I had a problem in responding sensibly to her request because my mindset, the mental frameworks that I have developed, are different from hers. There is a risk that my comments might be either destructive or irrelevant! This is not a criticism of Sarah, merely an observation on me. 

I will deal with this later in a hopefully objective fashion. However, in the meantime the issues that Sarah is trying to address are important and I wondered if others might have comments. 

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