Thursday, March 27, 2008

On bad backs

In Sunday Morning Snippets - Thai food, Cedric Emmanuel, Tibet Train Pastiche and Statistics I mentioned that I had to tidy the back yard up because we had eighteen coming to lunch. I have not mentioned that in tidying up I did my back in.

It was one of those silly things. I knew the back was sore, but ignored it because I had to get things done. Then, bending down, I had a coughing fit and managed to damage a joint and surrounding muscles.

Lunch was not much fun. Unable to sit for more than a few minutes, I spent much of the day flat on my back. Monday was a little, not much, better. Tuesday and Wednesday I went to physio, and then today I managed to get back to work for part of the day.

On Monday and Tuesday I managed to get some blogging done, sitting bolt-upright in a hard chair with a bolster. Wednesday, even blogging was a bit hard. So I got behind here too.

The silly thing about all this is that I know that I am prone to lower back troubles. I also know what I have top do to avoid problems. I just have to learn to actually do it.

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