Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tonight I turned the TV off

Tonight I turned the TV off. Normally I don't get to watch TV, or at least my choices. Tonight I had the chance and turned it off.

TV came late to the place where I was born. Then, when it did arrive, my parents refused to buy a TV because it might interfere with my studies. Of course, I then became totally addicted.

For year after year after year I watched. I watched on old black and white TVs where the reception was so bad that the screen was no more than vague swirls below which a shifting picture could just be seen.

When colour came I saw it first at the pub in Queanbeayan after helping run, I think, an APEX meat raffle. It was wonderful. A hired colour set appeared that day.

Now the addiction is over. I have always been able to watch bad TV so long at it was my bad TV! However, exposure to a million Simpson repeats, Nanny repeats, Sex in the City repeats has finally destroyed my ability to watch.

My family laughs at me because I can read and re-read certain books. I cannot do the same thing with film or TV.

A book leaves things to the imagination. You can pick it up or put it down as you want. With TV, you are simply stuck. And there are so many bad programs.

So goodbye TV. Unless, of course, West Wing is on. Or an old Australian movie. Alright, I am not completely cured. But the cure is almost complete.

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