Thursday, March 27, 2008

Problems with Peking Duck

I adore Peking Duck. I first ate it when I was 19. I introduced my daughters to it when they were five and three respectively. Now they love it too. But there is a problem.

Last night I could not cook because of my back. So I offered to pay for Peking Duck. Because we were not completely happy with our normal place, my wife offered to drive in to a place near China Town. This is not as bad as it might seem, because we live close to the city.

The place she went to has a good reputation, but the meal had the same problems as our normal place. So I wish to complain.

Problem one. Peking Duck is all about the skin. When I first had it all those years ago, you used to get the skin with a thin slice of meat attached. Now you get a slab of flesh with, sometimes, some skin attached.

Problem two. There are too few pancakes or wrapping, so you run out of this before you run out of the skin/meat.

Problem three. They never provide enough spring onions etc, so you run out here before you run out of skin/meat.

Problem four. They never provide enough sauce, so again you run out.

Who says Australian food has improved?


blonde canadian said...

Jim, the restaurant you've just described could be the one I went to on Friday, except mine was in Melbourne. Do it well or don't do it at all - food is important!

Jim Belshaw said...

You capture my meaning very precisely, BC!