Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sydney's best value Thai restaurant - Thai Chef

I came home tonight and did not want to cook. I really did not want to cook! So I rang Thai Chef and ordered home delivery. It was light and fresh, a feature of their cooking.

Gardeners Road is a sudden death area for restaurants.

For the benefit of non-Sydney readers, Gardners Road is a major drag that runs west towards the airport. The area I am talking about is marked by restaurant closures. Thai Chef was previously quite a nice Indian restaurant, before that Chinese.

The girls who run Thai Chef are determined to turn this around. They promote, they have balloons, they run special features. So I want them to succeed for both effort and food.

This is a blatant plug. Please promote and, for those in the area, eat.

The address is 411 Gardeners Road, Rosebery 2018. The phone number is (02) 9669 4242.

I an counting on you!


Anonymous said...

Are there a lot of Thai restaurants in Australia? I am a Thai chef in Thailand - I cook Thai food and maybe I could work there someday. I always wanted to see Australia! :P Joy Joy's Thai Food blog

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Joy and welcome. I have bookmarked your blog.

Thai food is very popular in Australia, with a massive explosion in the number of restaurants in the eighties. There are four within walking distance.

The standard is variable as you might expect. I am not expert enough to rank the best, but the average food standard is good.