Monday, January 31, 2011

I had to laugh

During the week, ABC local radio had a talk back session inspired by the experience of musician Jimmy Buffett who fell face down from the stage. It was a bad fall. Fortunately, he fell in front  of a doctor sitting in the front row seats who rushed to help. Richard Glover as ABC presenter asked his audience for experiences that they had had when the right person just happened to be present to help them.

There were some weird and wonderful tales. However, my favourite was a simple story of disaster averted.

A women with two young children entered the shopping centre car park. It was a stinking hot day, and the only place she could find was on the open roof in full sun. Getting out of the car, she accidentally locked it with keys plus one child inside. This is no laughing matter.

Distraught, she looked around for help. While she was standing there, a car arrived with a mother and son. Tears streaming down her face, she rushed across seeking help.

The pair in the car looked at each other a bit strangely, even sheepishly. Then the son shrugged, got from the car and opened the boot. There was a complete collection of differently shaped coat hangers all designed to open cars. Twenty seconds later her car was open. The women was so relieved that she flung her arms around the mother and hugged her.

As the women said on the program, what are the percentage chances of finding a car thief when you actually want one!