Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday meander

A very short post today.

At KVD's suggestion, I added a star rating system to this blog. Not sure what it will tell me, but worth a try.

A comment from David Nash on my previous post, Why micro-environments are important, led me to write Environment and the distribution of Aboriginal languages in NSW on my history blog. This post took more than five hours to write, hence the absence of a substantive post here. More and more I am finding that if I don't write stuff down with sources, I tend to lose the ideas. It's a case of too much browsing and not enough writing.

A tweet from Rachel Sowden led me to The English bac causes fury in schools. Another interesting case of getting what you measure!

In If only …, Thomas writes the speech that he would like to see Mr Obama deliver, A proposal expresses Marcellous's disquiet on an anti-drugs proposal from Armidale's Mary  McLure, while Ramana provides some unusual stats in Airport Screening Stats YTD.

In #Indonesia’s Unexpected #Population Spike: #Keluarga #Berencana di mana (I think that title is taking tweeterdom just too far!) Maximos62 provides details of Indonesia's latest census. The idea of Indonesia reaching about 475 million people by 2057 is somewhat thought provoking, to say the least!

On Lightbulb, Noric Dilanchian looks at one lesson form Wikileaks, Plan for disruption, WikiLeaks did, while Randy McDonald's "The Anomalous Success of Luxembourg" points to an interesting story on Luxembourg. I never ceased to be amazed at the stuff he finds!


Randy McDonald said...

It's not difficult at all to find them, although Google Reader makes keeping up to date with them so much easier!

Jim Belshaw said...

You are probably right on your first point, Randy, although its your very eclectic interests that helps make things so fascinating! On the second, I have deliberately not attempted Google Reader so far. Maybe it's time I changed my mind.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jim Tweets do require such distortions of our common script. Probably a little over the top, but communicative :-)

Jim Belshaw said...

True, M62.