Sunday, March 24, 2019

Initial reflections on thirteen years of blogging

My first post on this blog came on 19 March 2006, so the blog turned 13 last Tuesday. In human terms, that makes the blog a teenager. In blogging terms, I fear that it may have entered old age for there have been so many changes over that period.

Since starting, I have published 3,339 posts here, some very short, most middling length, some very long. I don't know how many words I have written here, somewhere over two million would be my guess. While my posting has sometimes been irregular, the blog provides a record of issues, events and changing attitudes over that period, in general and in a personal sense. I am not the same person I was in March 2006, nor are my attitudes the same. Just so much has happened.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to reflect on some of the past events and my associated writing here and on my other blogs. In saying this, I don't want to make a rod for my own back. I remain busy and somewhat disorganised. But at a time of another fundamental change in my own life, it seems a sensible thing to do. I note that the change is not bad, it's just change.

Inevitably with so many words, there is a lot of dross. However, I also think that I have said some useful things that are worth repeating and discussing. 


Ruth Cotton said...

Jim, surely a record as blogging is awash with bloggers who imagine that keeping it up is the easy part. Congratulations!

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Ruth and thanks. No, there are others like Neil Whitfield who started before me and are still going! But it is, I think, a fair record.