Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just a hockey shot

Some mornings I can’t get motivated. I really can’t. I have browsed the news. The Australian PM is trying to set up a coalition of right wing leaders to oppose action on climate change. Nahh. No good. Can’t be bothered. There is more trouble in Brazil in advance of the soccer World Cup. Nahh.  In fact, after an hour just reading, I remain uninspired. I need to go and prepare for the day.

In the meantime, just a hockey action shot. No, I didn’t take it. I rarely get shots as good as this. That’s youngest in goal. To her left (right in the photo) is Em. Her dad and I have been watching our girls play for several years, so we know each other quite well.

Out of sight on the left, the other team has just taken a corner. The girls are rushing to defend. Enjoy. Clare hockey


Anonymous said...

Jim, no doubt your girls are watching the WC matches on paytv? Brilliant stuff, but I must say that I think the revised penalty shoot-out method is much more exciting (and also much fairer!) than the shot from spot as previously.

Just finished watching the semis of the womens - have always preferred the womens because they are so much more 'technical' than the men - and I have to say it will be a great match btw our lot and the Dutch women - but my oh my, the Orange are just awesome!


ps that is a great photo of yours.

Jim Belshaw said...

I haven't been watching this at all, kvd. Blush. But the women's final is being broadcast on ABC2 tonight. Because I tend to get up early, I also tend to go to bed early, but will try to stay up. Helen is in Copenhagen, Clare is at Supernova - http://www.supanova.com.au/show-information/sydney/ and has been busy putting her stand together, making stuff etc. I suspect the WC has passed her by. She hasn't even had time to see her Dad!

Photo is great, but not mine.