Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Belshaw's Best 8: A Very Sporting Day - interesting but also odd

My best is not always my best writing. Sometimes it stands out in my mind for other reasons. A Very Sporting Day - interesting but also odd is one of those posts.TAS vs Grammar 2010 8

This post records my reactions back in 2007 on going to see my old school play Rugby. This is a photo of a more recent match this year against Sydney Grammar.

I am not naturally a gregarious person. More precisely, I have learned to be in the right circumstances and mood.

I know that I should go up to people who I know and say hello. I know that they would be friendly. Yet sometimes it's hard to do so. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

I haven't yet read your referred post, but will do so because I have enjoyed revisiting your earlier ones.

But I just wanted to record for posterity the wonderful test match just now (this minute) decided in India's favour. Not just a matter of nearly down to the last ball; more so the skill and good spirit on display.

Well, more power to India for the win, and long may it be thus, between our countries.

Safe travels

Jim Belshaw said...

May it long be so, KVD, and high from Rhodes.

rummuser said...

Anonymous, yes what a match! If proof was needed that test matches are not passe, this was it. Ponting rightly said that though he has played 150 test matches, this was the best experience he had. Till that last leg bye, it was cricket at its best with ups and downs at regular intervals. I lost a packet betting yesterday for a draw.

Jim, if you ever see me anywhere, do not hesitate to come and say hello. That is, if I haven't already spied you and done so!

Jim Belshaw said...

Ramana, I finally caught up with the test match when I arrived in Athens and saw BBC news. It was clearly very exciting. And I would say hello!