Thursday, October 07, 2010

Note from Athens

It's raining slightly. I am waiting for the others before we go to visit the Acropolis. A lot to write about when I get home. I am also looking forward to catching up on all my blog reading. I am not looking forward to all the business catching up that I will also need to do.

My last two trips to India and China were much shorter, a week each. Both had a considerable influence on my thinking. Same for this trip, although the influence this time is more historical. I have barely seen TV, ditto newspapers, so current events have largely passed me by.

The economic reporting I have seen is pretty negative. We don't get quite the same feel in Australia. I have been trying to think through some of the implications. It's interesting getting different viewpoints simply because of the way it forces changes in my own thinking.

Well, we are ready to go. 


Niar said...

dear Jim,

have a nice time in Greece.. :)
although I never go with a quite far distance, but I feel the journey less or more can influence out thinking and give a new viewpoint.

enjoy your travel and your new experience..

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Niar. I am having a lot of fum!