Wednesday, December 01, 2010

PR Blog performance November 2010

Stats Nov 10 2 Another month ends. The attached graphic shows visits (yellow) plus page views (yellow plus red) to this blog over the twelve months to end November. Traffic was essentially the same as October. 

The top ten page views in November were:

Again some traditional reader favourites on this list, plus some new ones.

I don't have proper in-traffic figures, so can't properly between the various categories. That said:

The top individual referring sites excluding search engine traffic were:

The top search words were:

  • importance of family history 20
  • personal reflections 10 cultural gatekeeping 8
  • jim belshaw 8
  • brian d. barnes 7
  • john martin 5
  • personal reflections means 4
  • actions taken by the australian government 4
  • 4
  • importance of cultural activities 4

Search engine traffic was dominated by followed by The highest non Google engines a long way behind were Bing at  50, Yahoo at 26.

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