Saturday, December 04, 2010

Thanks to Neil Whitfield

I hadn't intended to post again today, but I am doing my usual Saturday morning catch-up.

In Social Change in New England 1950-2000, I mentioned that as part of the next stage in my history of New England I have been uploading to the New England history blog past posts connected in some way to social change in New England. It's both a thematic gathering and a personal exploration of my past writing.

The latest upload, Social Change in New England 1950-2000 7: Judith Wright, contains four of the posts I have written on Judith Wright's poetry. Judith is one of Australia's better known writers and poets, but she is also a very New England writer whose life spanned and was affected by the changes taking place in New England in the period in question.

Looking at the posts, I realised again just how important Neil Whitfield (Ninglun) has been to my blogging.

I have lost count of just how many blogging manifestations Neil has been through during the time I have known him, from format instability through multiple blog changes. During much of this time I have often pointed and counterpointed between my blogs and his.

Neil, I just wanted to say thanks.

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