Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Zimbabwe tragedy - South Africa must intervene

It is time for South Africa to intervene in Zimbabwe in the same way that Australia and other countries did in the Solomon Islands. Yes, there are risks, but the likely cost of not doing so outweighs those risks.

I say this for two reasons.

First, Zimbabwe's decline now seems irreversible. Even if a compromise can be worked out with or forced upon the opposition, I find it hard to see how this will make things work. The rot is simply too deeply entrenched.

Secondly, only South Africa has the military and economic power to enforce change. Yes, South Africa will need help. But nothing can or will happen unless South Africa takes the lead.

Zimbabwe has become the tragic laughing stock of Africa. This needs to change.


Aldhis said...

For the highest inflation nation in the world, it should be happened a long time ago for this intervene.

Jim Belshaw said...

I agree Aldhis. I have just been reading Zimbabwe on line, and it just gets more dreadful.