Thursday, November 04, 2010

Changing blog directions

I hope to bring up the next post in the Greek travel series later today. In the meantime, I am wrestling with linked issues.

I do want to complete the Greek series, but there are just so many other interesting issues around. In addition, I have promises to fellow bloggers to fulfil, arising from interactions on this and other blogs. I promised Thomas a response on his research proposal. I promised Lorenzo a comment on his post, Property is always with us. Increasingly, I find that responding to comments on this and other blogs, to other's ideas, is something of great interest to me. I am not interested in adversarial contests. I am interested in exchange of ideas where I can learn or contribute.

All this creates obvious time problems. However, it also creates a focus issue, especially on this blog. One side effect of this is that things like the Greek posts can get swamped. They become a series of disconnected posts instead of a continuing story.

Over the next week or so, I want to make Greece the main focus on this blog until I have it all down. I am also re-activating some of my other blogs to better delineate and focus some of the other current streams in thought and discussion. I will cross-link here so that this blog's readers know and can choose to follow up if interested.

Given my comment about time, this may sound like a bit of a recipe for disaster. I hope not. My hope is that I will both save time through better discipline, while also encouraging interactivity. I also hope that it will aid me in managing ever increasing content.

As a first step, I have followed up a post on this blog, Sunday Essay - why who signs what is important, with a new post elsewhere, Scoping the decline in organisational performance. Here I am seeking specific feedback that will both test and extend my arguments about the extent of and reasons for what I see as a continuing decline in organisational effectiveness. Please contribute!


Randy McDonald said...

I think that what you are doing is a good idea. Sometimes, we all need to stop and think about what we're doing: what fits, what doesn't, what should go where.

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Randy, comment much appreciated.

As you know from your own experience, blogging in the way we do is an intensive activity. I foreshadowed changes some time ago, but there has been a further shift in focus since. I really won't to focus on my value add.

Andrzej said...

It looks like you will have a rather busy week. I keep my finger crossed and I hope that you'll have at least a moment to sit with proverbial cafe and get a breath. :)

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks and what wise advice, Andrzej. A cafe and coffee would be nice.

Do you know, I had to go out to Ashfield yesterday for a meeting and my normal place was shut? I missed my coffee in the midst of a very busy day!