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Last night in Rethymno - Myrogdies

Greek Trip, Day 5, Wednesday 22 September 2010, Rethymno Evening

P1010273 On the evening of our Last day in Rethymno, we went out to dinner at a restaurant recommended by our hotel, the Myrogdies. We had actually tried to find it a night or so before, but got lost.

I said in my last post that I was not overly impressed with Greek food. So unimpressed, in fact, that I gave up on keeping any notes.

Take Kleftiko also known as Bandit's lamb as an example. I must have tried variants of this dish half a dozen times and really didn't like it. It was sometimes nice enough, but it just didn't appeal.

It was only later that I realised that expecting me to like dishes like this, or at least to think of them as something new, was an impossible ask. You see, I grew up in sheep country. I ate lamb or mutton all the time.

This phRon Vickers Glenroy 1950soto shows a sheep being killed for meat at Aunt Kay and Uncle Ron's place, Glenroy.

The meat sheep, usually older ewes, provided nearly all the household meat. When staying at Glenroy, we ate mutton, mutton and mutton. Kay cooked it in many different ways, but it was still mutton.

It didn't end there. We ate sheep meats at home, and then later there were the school meals!

Perhaps not surprisingly, and with the exception of legs of lamb, I am sheeped out. Today when I look at lamb cutlets in the supermarket at $A33 per kilo, I wonder what the world is coming too!   

Still, in all this my failure to take notes in Greece on food is now a problem. I can't generally describe the detail of what we ate.

Our first impression of Myrogdies left us wondering. We walked down a crowded street, then the crowds vanished, and there was the restaurant almost empty. We wondered if we had made the wrong decision. P1010271

In fact we had not. The food was very nice indeed, the service good.

I decided to write a positive review because I thought that it might help the restaurant.

I need not have worried. A web search shows that  Myrogdies appears well known and well regarded.

Still, I can now add our recommendation as well! We all really enjoyed ourselves.

For those visiting Rethymno, you will find the restaurant at 12 Vernadou Street, phone 697 264 9170.

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