Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Blog performance October 2010

Stats October 10 2

Another month ends. The attached graphic shows visits (yellow) plus page views (yellow plus red) to this blog over the twelve months to end October. There was another small increase in traffic.

The top ten page views in September were:

Some traditional reader favourites on this list, plus some new ones.

I don't have proper in-traffic figures, so can't properly between the various categories. That said:

The top individual referring sites excluding search engine traffic were:

The top search words were:

  • cultural gatekeepers 12
  • personal reflections 9
  • artist critic writer australia 8
  • importance of family history 8
  • chinese gardens 7
  • family history importance 6
  • chinese garden sydney 5
  • polycultural 5
  • significant learning and personal reflection express it in simple poem 5
  • careers for young men 4

Search engine traffic was dominated by google.com.au followed by google.com.

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